8 Reasons why Detached TowneHome Living® May Be Right for You

March 4, 2020

8 Reasons why Detached TowneHome Living® May Be Right for You

Detached TowneHome Living®? Aren’t townhomes supposed to be right next to each other so you can hear what is going on in your neighbor’s home? Zawarski and Sons are the first to bring a new style of townhomes that allow you to maintain your privacy while still enjoying all the benefits of townhouse living.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons Detached TowneHome Living® may be right for you!

Tip 1: You’re not connected to your neighbor

The space between the townhomes allows you the privacy you want while still being close enough to enjoy the activities of the neighborhood.

Tip 2: They are rooted in history

“Putting an opening in between each home is an architectural concept that dates back to the early 1900s,” explains John Zawarski, the company’s director of sales and marketing. “When Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton were being built, they would have townhouses with an alleyway on the first floor. The second and third floor up to the roof would be attached, but they would have a little alleyway going to the back of the home and they gave it the architectural name of ‘grocer’s alley’.”

Tip 3: There are multiple options to choose from

Grocer’s Alley at Sullivan Trail has four different home models to choose from – John Dickinson, Patrick Henry, Abigail Adams, and Ethan Allen – with two first-floor and three second-floor designs to pick from. The models are also completely customizable, with the options to add a finished basement, expanded garage, full or half baths, open railings, a gas fireplace, kitchenette with a wet bar and mini-fridge, linen cabinets or the ultimate designer laundry – depending on the model.

Tip 4: They are customizable

“We opted for many different customizations,” says Grocer’s Alley resident Patrick Tarr, who recently relocated from New Jersey with his wife so that they could call this development home. “It was really the ability to customize to get everything we wanted while staying in our budget that was the key factor.”

Tip 5: Natural light

Because Detached TowneHome Living® allows for space between each residential unit, gone are the days when townhome owners couldn’t have natural light coming in through a wall they shared with a neighbor. Grocer’s Alley residents can choose to add cottage style or twin windows on both the first and second floors.

Tip 6: The quality of materials being used in townhomes is better than ever before

Zawarski works with eco-conscious providers who make sure that they’re sourcing lumber that is harvested every 10 to 15 years so that forests aren’t being cleared out. The overall focus on management of the design and build lends itself to quality homes while recognizing that every development site is unique.

Tip 7: Proximity to work, life, and fun

Located less than 10 minutes from bustling downtown Easton, homeowners at Grocer’s Alley will have easy access to one of the Lehigh Valley’s leading destinations with plenty of restaurants, galleries, entertainment, shops and cafés you’ll want to explore. Weekends will be a special treat enjoying America’s oldest open air Farmers Market and the many fairs and festivals that make this a wonderful place to call home.

Tip 8: They are more affordable than you may think

Starting at 283,900, our Grocer’s Alley Detached TowneHome Living® may be perfect for you!

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